From 9th July 2018, XLR8 Touch has been registered as a Charitable Trust and will be running under XLR8 SPORTS TRUST.  You will slowly see some changes over the next few months as we start to rebrand and start to offer more and exciting things to our local communities.

XLR8 SPORTS TRUST objects and purposes are:

  • To promote amateur sports, recreation and leisure as a way of developing healthy life styles and living
  • To provide safe, wholesome and family orientated sport, recreation and leisure opportunities for all ages, cultures, gender and religions.
  • To encourage service to the community as a way of developing the individual.
  • To provide leadership, administration-management and positions of responsibility opportunities
  • To provide a community affiliation base for individuals or groups.
  • To encourage and foster individuals and groups to reach their maximum potential
  • To promote, organise, oversee and conduct competitions, tournaments and other events pertaining to sport for the community.
  • To select, support or sponsor any team members to represent sports operated by the Trust
  • To provide opportunities for the socially disadvantaged.

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